Air-Walker STEM Experiment Kit

Build a gravity-defying robot! Learn about the physics of air pressure and suction and how it's used to help your model walk vertically up perfectly smooth surfaces. The kit includes instructions to build four additional models as well, providing a comprehensive, hands-on experience that brings physics and engineering to life. Includes a 24-page, full-color manual with step-by-step illustrated instructions and a fun comic that follows the adventures of Nexo the Air-Walker!
Price: $42.00

Crystal Growing: Glow-in-The-Dark Science Kit | 12 Experiments

Grow dozens of dazzling crystals! Includes materials to make fluorescent and phosphorescent crystals-uvv light included. Craft crystal geodes and fun shapes Like moons, stars, butterflies, neon signs, Mushrooms, frogs, and gemstones. 32-Page, full-color experiment manual guides crystal growing and explains a variety of scientific concepts. Learn about the geometry and structure of crystals, solubility and solutions, The formation of minerals, and more. A parents' Choice Recommended award winner
Price: $50.00

BRIO Builder Record & Play Set

Bring your BRIO Builder creations to life with the BRIO Record & Play Set - the perfect STEM construction toy to challenge the imagination of young budding engineers. This open-ended toy construction set comes with 67 play components, a battery-powered record & play unit and easy-to-use tools to help build your creations. The record and play unit takes the play to another level as you customise your toys with recorded speech and sounds. Bring your BRIO Builder creations to life with the Record & Play Set. 67-piece play set with easy to use tools and inspiration manual. Build cool new toys, record your own sounds, then listen to them as you play. Children play and learn using imagination and problem-solving skills to find construction solutions. All components in this set are compatible with all other sets in the BRIO Builder System.
Price: $42.00

Glow-in-the-Dark Science Lab - STEM Experiment Kit

Discover the chemistry of glowing materials with five dazzling experiments using bright, neon colors. Mold your own neon chalk in the shape of stars, crystals, and frogs! Mix a glowing solution to make your own radiant glow sticks. Learn about light and phosphorescence. Includes UV flashlight to observe your creations, two glowing pigments, glow-in-the-dark stickers, and tools and instructions.
Price: $22.00