Magic Hat - 35 Magic Tricks

Enter the world of magic and sorcery! With the magic hat and rabbit puppet, as well as more than 40 other magic props, kids as young as six years old can learn and perform 35 magic tricks. The manual teaches most of the tricks in three easy steps accompanied by color illustrations, first clearly explaining which magic props are needed, then how the trick is prepared, and finally how it is performed. With some practice, it becomes easy to stage a magic show filled with fun and successful tricks that will amaze your audience.  Pull a rabbit from a seemingly empty hat. Make a ball disappear from a magic cup, reappear again, and change color. Make cards grow and shrink. Make a coin disappear and reappear with a magic coin box. Use X-ray vision to magically see symbols through a solid, opaque surface.  Make your magic wand float, bend, and grow. Magically change the color of a ring, duplicate the ring, and make it pass through the wand. Little foam rabbits appear, disappear, multiply, and move around as if by magic.  Astound your audience with rope tricks in which knots untie themselves and dice tricks where dice change location and color inside a magic tunnel. Conjure up money as if out of thin air. Make rabbit cards appear and disappear. Learn simple card tricks with special cards.  For one magician, ages 6 and up, and many audience members.
Price: $32.00

Superkid in Training - Action-Packed Fun for Little Heroes

TOYS THAT TEACH: Now your child can become the hero of their imagination with this action-packed obstacle course. Oversized action cards are used to create stations, each station builds super skills like strength, agility and even secret powers. ACTIVE PLAY: Play indoors or out to encourage active and imaginative play any time! Children will practice their super spin, super leap and shrink to their tiniest size. GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL PLAY: The course can be completed by one child on their own, or with up to five friends- allowing heroes-in-training to build their skills of taking turns and kindness as they cheer on their fellow superkids. INCLUDES: 10 double-sided action cards, 5 card stands, kid-sized cape, two wrist bands, mask, foam ball, lightning bolt, target and instructions. (Ages 4 and up)
Price: $28.00

Pineapple Smash Game

Give any afternoon in the sun a tropical twist with this smashing game of aim! The perfect team game for the park or the beach, go head to head and use the flying disc to try to knock the other team’s pineapple off its post.
Price: $40.00

Down the Rabbit Hole Throwing Game

Send the beanbags tumbling down the rabbit hole in this target game with a storybook twist! With colourful illustrations taken from the original book, the foldable wooden board is easy to set up so you can be ready to throw your beanbags quicker than you can say “How curious!” Whose score will have them grinning wider than the Cheshire Cat?
Price: $22.00

The White Rabbit's Scavenger Hunt

Team up, then race to solve the riddles and find the hidden metal keys in this topsy-turvy scavenger hunt! From spoons, socks, and soap to teacups, taps, and tea towels, each of the thirty cryptic rhyming clues leads you to an item in the home where the next key is hidden. Who will find all their keys first?
Price: $18.00