Reading Bug Adventures Podcast Concert and Release Party!

Saturday, August 25, 2018 - 11:00am

Let's Fly!  Join Lauren and The Reading Bug for season 2 of Reading Bug Adventures beginning in August 2018! In each episode, we'll hop into our book bag and travel to different times and places learning from our books along the way. 

During our release party, we'll reveal brand new music to share with our community first (before the thousands of listeners worldwide get a chance! That's right...we already have listeners all over the world!).  There will be refreshments, raffle prizes, crafts and more!

This new original story podcast with music is written by Brandon and Diane Savage with music by more Reading Bug family and staff, Lauren Savage, Ross Gruet, Dan Shearn and Alexa Thanos!  Each episode is 25-30 minutes long and encourages listening skills...bring your crayons and paper and draw illustrations along the way!

If you haven't heard Season 1 yet, you have some fun catching up to do!  Download episodes on Apple Podcasts or where ever podcasts are heard.  Visit to catch up!


Best of all, our podcast is FREE!  It is a labor of love from The Reading Bug family to yours...if you'd like to help support our podcast beginning at just $1 per month, please visit  for great incentives.

Recommended for all ages!