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Jenny (1911) is a novel by Norwegian writer Sigrid Undset. Published during the author’s social realist phase, a period in which her writing focused on the lives of everyday Norwegians, Jenny is a moving portrait of idealism and ambition and a tragic tale of talent gone to seed. Although Undset’s later fiction—inspired by her conversion to Catholicism—won her the 1928 Nobel Prize in Literature, her earlier work has remained essential to her legacy.

Finding herself uninspired in her native Norway, Jenny Winge, an idealistic and talented painter, moves to Rome in order to further her artistic career. There, she finds not only success, but a fiancé with whom she envisions sharing a life and family. Moved by hidden desires, however, Jenny strikes up an affair with the man’s father that leaves her pregnant, disgraced, and alone. Determined as ever despite being shaken from her path as an artist, Jenny determines to raise the child by herself, forsaking convention while simultaneously risking her life and the life of her baby. From artistic achievement to mere independence, Jenny is forced to drastically shift her ambitions, to remain unbroken in a world that seems intent on breaking every hope she holds. Jenny is a realist novel that takes an unsparing look at the role of women in society while illuminating the struggles a young artist faces on the path to success and independence.

With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Sigrid Undset’s Jenny is a classic of Norwegian literature reimagined for modern readers.

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