Donate to The Reading Bug

The Reading Bug is moving in 2024!


Well, we really don't want to move...JMS Construction purchased our building in 2020.  We wanted to buy the building, but developers have more money that small business owners.

What is going to happen to the building?

JMS has approved plans from the City of San Carlos to demolish the entire building beginning in Summer of 2024. They plan to build a 3 story building with office space and retail/restaurant on the bottom floor.

Can't you move back in when they are done?

Nope. The new structure will take at least 2 years to build and JMS has made it clear that the rent will be extremely high.  Our bookstore (or any other small business) will not be able to afford the new space. 

Are you going to close?

We sure hope not! We are actively looking for space in San Carlos and hope to stay in town.  The process is slow and there are limited options.  Available spaces are old and will take hundreds of thousands to renovate to re-create our magical bookstore.

What can I do to help?

In addition to shopping with us in-store and online often, please consider a donation to The Reading Bug!

We know that there are many important causes that need support right now. Please, donate what you can, wherever you can - as we all face uncertainty in our future. And, if you choose to donate to us, in any amount, we are truly grateful. Funds will be used to help us find new space, support our incredible staff and to pay rent, utilities and vendors. You can also support us through our GoFundMe campaign. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and in your community.

Anything else?

We would love to hear from you.  Email us at with any thoughts. Contact your city council members to let them know you want us here to stay, spread the word about our free podcast, free author events, free storytimes, subscription boxes, stellar book knowledge and anything else you love about us so we can continue to be your resource for all things books and more!

Minimum: $1.00