The Most Important Little Boy in the World (Paperback)

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THE HEADLINES ARE REAL, ONLY WORSE THAN YOU IMAGINED...Eight years ago, in a single day, some extraordinary events took place. A little boy was born. An idea was unleashed. The fate of the entire planet was decided.Joshua Chisom is a happy third-grader in rural Oklahoma. Like most families, his parents work hard to make ends meet. Yet unseen forces are at work which will soon threaten their very existence, along with every other person on the planet.During the early days of the internet, a mysterious computer virus named "Sleeper" assaults the global network with a strange series of riddles, which the media mostly dismisses as a bad joke. When Joshua's health suddenly begins to decline from a mysterious illness, his parents are forced to search for answers. Meanwhile, a master plan has been unleashed to cleanse the earth of human corruption. Sleeper is not joke. It's a global plague.Before anyone realizes the truth, it is too late. Across the planet, people begin slipping into comas and dying at an alarming rate. At the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Stu Baker labors mightily to counteract the spreading plague. Yet even with all the power and technology of modern medicine, however, the fate of the human race will come down to the courage of a rather ordinary eight year old boy. A boy with an amazing gift, and the heart of a hero."The kind of fiction this world desperately needs....a gripping read stuffed with emotion. This one you will remember for years."- NYT bestselling author TED DEKKER, Hacker, Water Walker, Circle series"A master of metaphor and imagery, Briggs takes us into a world of biological terror and weaves a heart-rending tale of redemption and sacrifice."- THOMAS WILLIAMS, author of The Crown of Eden and The Devil's Mouth.

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ISBN: 9798633683677
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2020
Pages: 370
Language: English