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God was also abused. In God's name, people have been put into a sexual straitjacket and society has put these absurdities into laws and social norms. Even today it is the Catholic Church in particular who advocates these shameful rules. It still has about a billion members. This leads to dissatisfaction and frustration, but also painful lovesickness, jealousy, relationship dramas, sexual abuse, suicide, and murder. With this sexual oppression, prostitution flourished because a need arose for it. That is why women, children, and animals are forced to prostitute themselves. Child sexual abuse in families is increasing all the time. More control and monitoring do not combat the actual causes and are therefore not the right solution in the long run. Even in enlightened societies, people often unintentionally use a lot of wrong rules and norms to ensure that it stays that way. The book Human Traumata- Global Coming Out reveals these grievances and offers help and alternatives. Since the development of humans, the free exercise of sexual pleasure has been an important part of their development and has been given evolutionary support. The religions have opposed evolution and set in motion an avalanche of sexual and social grievances. Why did you do that? The explanation is in this book. It is important to know because it still affects all of our lives today. Only when we turn to our natural development again does humanity have a chance. That sounds dramatic, but that's exactly what it is. Everything is related. Sexual oppression harms our social coexistence and thus in all areas of our life and development. If civilization is so opposed to evolution, it will eventually perish. It doesn't matter what supposedly progressive rules and laws she enacts against it, as long as she still adheres to these false principles and rules.

About the Author

Dr. Lutz Knoche worked for many years as a psychotherapist and coach. For several years he has started to write guides based on his knowledge and practical experience. In his books, he includes case studies from his practice and presents proven exercises for immediate help. In addition to classical psychology, he has developed therapeutic hypnosis and bioenergetic methods and applied them successfully. He worked with many people from all walks of life, with socially disadvantaged young people, couples, young entrepreneurs in success coaching, politicians, entrepreneurs, managers, and artists. Now he mainly wants to make his knowledge and experience accessible to many people through publications.

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ISBN: 9783753442785
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Publisher: Books on Demand
Publication Date: March 24th, 2021
Pages: 190
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