?bédayine (Paperback)

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Fiction. Native American Studies. Women's Studies. Winner of the 2019 Metatron Prize for Rising Authors. The world is turned inside out. Our solar system has rearranged itself. The earth sits in the orbit where Uranus was. We stole its moon. One moon chases the other as they drift across the sky. Cold air swallows us. Heavy snow. The sun is too far to feel it on our skin. A famine for wildflowers. The world is going to end. Why is the world always fucking ending?

In Edmonton, Ronnie learns what it is to be a young Indigenous woman, almost-alone in the city; unable to hear herself over its noise, see through the glare of its lights to find the ground beneath her feet. Stories of addiction, self-discovery, and the love of a good friend come together to form ?B DAYINE, Kaitlyn Purcell's breathtaking debut.

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ISBN: 9781988355184
ISBN-10: 1988355184
Publisher: Metatron
Publication Date: October 11th, 2019
Pages: 82
Language: English