Neeli Needala Vasantham (Paperback)

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By Palani Somaraju, Cyril Mukalel (Based on a Book by)
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"Neeli Needala Vasantham (నీలి నీడల వసంతం)" (The Spring of Blue Shadows) is a touching Telugu novel that will take you on a journey of emotions and experiences. Based on the English novel "Life in a Faceless World" by Cyril Mukalel Thomas, Palani Somaraju has created a relatable and heartwarming story for Telugu-speaking readers. The novel follows Neela, a kind-hearted woman who touches the lives of those around her, offering support and compassion in times of need. With a writing style that is easy to read and understand, the novel covers a range of themes such as joy, pain, sacrifice, and religious intolerance. The changes and additions made to the original story make this a must-read for anyone who loves an inspiring and relatable tale. Immerse yourself in the world of "Neeli Needala Vasantham" and experience the unforgettable feeling of watching a movie.

Book Review-

Based on the English novel, "Life in a Faceless World" by Cyril Mukalel Thomas, Palani Somaraju, who held key positions as Senior Scientist/Engineer in the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and retired as Deputy General Manager in 2003, brought out a free rewrite in Telugu.

Cyril wrote the foreword in English for this Telugu version. In the foreword, he wrote, "It was such a pleasant rainbow-skied afternoon in Saint Paul, USA, during the celebration of a festival called 'INDIA FEST-2019' by the people of Indian origin. I had the fortune of meeting Somaraju, a man of plausible wisdom, talent, and unsurpassed humility. Our friendship allowed me to enjoy a few of his unpublished poems and stories. His works, which look at a world that lives in harmony, are profound yet simple."

This friendship between the two led to this translation. In the translator's words about the original author Cyril, "Cyril Mukalel Thomas, an author of Indian origin from the state of Kerala, has mastered English literature, particularly in writing short stories, novels, and poetry and won significant awards. His novel 'Life in a Faceless World' was an 'Award-Winning Finalist' in competitions conducted on the occasion of 'The American Book Fest.' Also, it is said that his writings reflect the way of life, including the quests and dreams of ordinary people.

The present novel is also no exception to this. The novel is about various life episodes that Neela, a kind-hearted lady, came across and took part in. She understands the goodness in others and offers a helping hand in their ups and downs. She has the ability to get along with everyone.

Somaraju took the liberty to make significant changes and additions in the storytelling and in the portrayal of the characters of this novel, as the readership is the Telugu-speaking lot.

It is clear that this is not an autobiography of Neela. In this novel, the joys, ecstasies, pains, successes, aversions, vices, sacrifices, domestic violence, military adventures, terrorist anarchies, religious hatreds, consequences of slavery, search for ways of peace, and many more aspects of life are described in a readable style.

In short, reading this novel gives an unstoppable feeling of watching a movie

Makineedi Surya Bhaskar, (Poet-critique-artist-academician-freelancer-winner of many awards-written and published 114 books)

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ISBN: 9781950399161
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Publisher: Potter's Wheel Publishing House
Publication Date: June 15th, 2023
Pages: 202
Language: Telugu