Shira: An Urban Fantasy (Paperback)

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If they had one of those anonymous rehabilitation programs for folks like me, my introduction would be, "Hi, I'm Shira, and I kill people." Except rehab suggests killing people bothers me. It doesn't.

Neither am I particularly committed to anything other than not being caught. That sounded a shred on the hard-hearted side. I'm not. I'm a lot like you. I get up every morning, clean myself up, and check my phone to see what I have cooking.

Everyone has a job. Mine happens to be ridding the world of people who shouldn't be here. Not that I'm making those decisions. People hire me, and I trust they've done their homework.

I've always been...different, never had a close circle of friends or even associates. Once I discovered I could do unusual things, I kept to myself. Those rare skills make me a perfect choice because I kill from a distance and leave no evidence. What I do is lucrative. I'm pretty much set even for my rather long lifetime.

In theory, I could quit anytime.

I say that after every job. That I should walk away, except I don't. Tell you what. Don't judge me, and I might spare you if your number comes up on my dance card. Deal?

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ISBN: 9781948871884
ISBN-10: 1948871882
Publisher: Ann Giimpel Books, LLC
Publication Date: March 2nd, 2021
Pages: 312
Language: English