Soccer Mom in Galilee (Paperback)

Soccer Mom in Galilee By Rachel Stackhouse, Peter C. De Vries Cover Image
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A unique, absorbing journey in time crafted by a USA-Today bestselling novelist and a New Testament scholar.

Rachel did everything right. But no matter where she was, she had the feeling she was supposed to be someplace else...

When an agnostic suburban soccer mom lies down with a migraine, the last thing she expects is to wake up in a dusty, smelly courtyard in first-century Galilee. Befuddled, shocked, and -- as a woman without family traveling alone -- in fear for her very life, Rachel is grateful to be taken in by two wealthy women on a mission: the financial support of a charismatic rabbi from Nazareth. Jesus is a real up-and-comer, the women insist, with a knack for motivational speaking. You'll love him But Rachel has never been "a believer." And even if she were, the swarthy, robust, and greasy-haired man to which she is introduced hardly strikes her as deity material. Then again... sometimes, she isn't so sure.

Based on both scholarly depictions of Jesus of Nazareth and research into daily life in the first century, we see through Rachel's account a fresh, earthy, and wholly pragmatic portrait of the historical Jesus. We see the rabbi not as the gospel writers chose to present him, but as he might have appeared to the little-known women who bankrolled his travels and to the disciples' wives who seasoned his stew. As Rachel experiences the resiliency and raw courage of these women, unsung and unrecorded by history, she is forced to wonder whether it is her own frenetic, perfectionist life that is the fairy tale.

Rachel Stackhouse, a former veterinarian, childbirth educator, and mother of three who under another pen name is a USA-Today bestselling author of mystery and romantic fiction, invites the reader to spy on one woman's vision of the events of first-century Galilee, and to wonder what might have been...

Rev. Peter C. de Vries, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, earned his Ph.D. in Religious Studies at the University of Pittsburgh with a focus on the theory of Biblical interpretation. In addition to teaching New Testament exegesis at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, training church leaders in Ghana, and holding regional and national leadership positions in the Presbyterian Church, he has served as a Presbyterian pastor for over thirty years in rural southwestern Pennsylvania.

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ISBN: 9781946343444
ISBN-10: 1946343447
Publisher: Stackhouse Press
Publication Date: June 25th, 2020
Pages: 298
Language: English