Into the Crimson Mist (Paperback)

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From the tales of Orenda. Book Two:

After a long winter encampment, Orenda, Nazshoni, Kanuna and Onsi cross the Mississippi river and venture west. Their destination is far and Orenda intends to move the small group of warriors with haste in the hope of reaching an embattled tribe far to the west of the great river.

The plan begins to unravel when they come across a ghost village and then dire forebodings from an old Shaman. There is a shape-shifter in the area and she has been causing much destruction and despair. Orenda attempts to go around the troubled area as he feels tomahawks and arrows are no match against magic. But the Deer Woman is already aware of the warriors presence in her territory.

If you enjoyed The Bitter Harvest, you'll not want to miss the continuing adventures of Orenda and his small group of heroes.

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ISBN: 9781945530944
ISBN-10: 1945530944
Publisher: Oliver Phipps
Publication Date: March 30th, 2018
Pages: 112
Language: English