The Sword of Antietam: A Story of the Nation's Crisis (Paperback)

The Sword of Antietam: A Story of the Nation's Crisis Cover Image
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Pinned down behind a rock by a Confederate sniper, Union Lieutenant Dick Mason unsuccessfully fires on his opponent. After a prolonged exchange of bullets, they come to a mutual, unspoken decision-to leave the protection of their natural fortresses and sprint back to their comrades. As they exit their shelter, Dick's heart skips a beat. He had been dueling with his cousin, Harry Kenton In the split second before going their separate ways, they give each other a quick, respectful wave before rejoining their units. Throughout the Battles of Second Manassas and Antietam, Dick repeatedly finds himself coming face-to-face with family and friends fighting for the Confederacy. He even makes some enemy acquaintances while combing the battlefields for a fellow soldier who is missing. What a strange war As Dick & Harry watch their regiments dwindle and the casualties mount, they yearn for the conflict to end so that they can be simply cousins and friends once again.

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ISBN: 9781933573854
ISBN-10: 1933573856
Publisher: Zeezok Publishing
Publication Date: December 4th, 2009
Pages: 288
Language: English