The Immortals Of Light: Revelations (Paperback)

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In the ruins of a lost Mayan city a treasure is concealed, guarded by the legendary creature created to protect it. The treasure is not of gold, but the powerful key to unraveling the secrets of an alien war being fought in the shadows of the human world.

Dr. Austin Denton just earned his PhD and is looking for adventure outside the classroom. When Austin and his colleague, ex-soldier Amaya Luna are asked to locate a missing research team in that Guatemalan jungle, they think it's the perfect opportunity for a little excitement and a change of scenery.

Not knowing who to trust, Austin and Amaya navigate the perilous mysteries of the lost city and into a not-so-chance encounter with an extraterrestrial serial killer who has deadly plans for the two friends. Austin and Amaya fight to survive in order to reveal the alien conspiracy and discover the true nature of our human energy. This quest of a lifetime is only the beginning.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736632611
ISBN-10: 1736632612
Publisher: Iol Productions LLC
Publication Date: April 12th, 2021
Pages: 394
Language: English