The Icon Collector: The Blood Legend (Paperback)

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Ever since he was a child, Manny Benson was fascinated with ancient Biblical artifacts, archaeology, and mythology. He would bend the ear of anyone unlucky enough to be within range to expound upon his newest idea on what happened to Noah's Ark, the Ark of the Covenant and whose image it was on the Shroud of Turin. But more than anything else, Manny loved to talk about his theories concerning the blood of Christ.

"Imagine if the blood of Christ was actually in this clay pot," Manny said. "Scientists around the world would go crazy wanting to analyze it. Think about it. If Christ was actually born of a virgin, then God was his actual birth father, not Joseph. At conception there are forty-six chromosomes necessary to create a human being. Twenty-three from the biological mother and twenty-three from the biological father. If God was the biological father of Christ then twenty-three chromosomes imparted to Christ at conception are divine. Anyone discovering even the tiniest drop of the blood of Christ would be discovering the DNA of God

"Scientists looking through their microscopes at the DNA of God might be looking at the beginning of the universe, for all the created universe had to have started with God's DNA.

"If this little bottle," Manny picked up the little clay pot and was tossing it back and forth between his sweaty palms like a football. "If this little clay pot contains the blood of Christ, then imagine what it could do in healing the sick; or raising of the dead, or even...time travel The possibilities are endless "

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ISBN: 9781734447606
ISBN-10: 1734447605
Publisher: John Williams Books
Publication Date: April 4th, 2020
Pages: 370
Language: English