The Imperfect Offering (Paperback)

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Dr. Thomas Haydn, a well-respected physician in the Boston area, enjoys a busy, fulfilling practice as a hospice provider. While caring for an actively dying patient with cancer, he reluctantly agrees to perform a most unusual task for the patient's spouse, which carries profound ethical and legal implications. Shocking complications ensue with potentially frightful consequences for all involved. As the story races toward its startling conclusion, the legacy of Dr. Haydn, his patient, and others hang in the balance.

The Imperfect Offering is a medical thriller novel highlighting the exciting life and times of a hospice physician who becomes deeply immersed in a high-stakes ethical dilemma. This riveting story deeply examines the challenges we face as we find our way in the world, driven by our passions and our desperate craving for love, a meaningful legacy, and perhaps above all, personal redemption in a difficult world.

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ISBN: 9781732111547
ISBN-10: 1732111545
Publisher: Sdp Publishing
Publication Date: October 8th, 2018
Pages: 276
Language: English