Savate the Deadly Old Boots Kicking Art from France (Paperback)

Savate the Deadly Old Boots Kicking Art from France Cover Image
By Kenneth Pua, Ernie Valenzuela (Photographer), Andy Kunz
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Everyone in the martial arts community likes the feeling of walking the mean streets, confident that he will be able to defend himself when the need arise. However that kind of feeling can be dangerous when you found out on the dark alley that you're wrong. Always keep in mind that it didn't take 10 or more years for the crack head on the street who will assault you. The muggers just did his fighting techniques the practical way, by mugging and assaulting experience. This Handbook will give you techniques that helps you improve your technical knowledge and skills in self defense. The classical and modern forms are shown step by steps with easy to follow photo and illustration guides. So Long as Ignorance and Misery Remain on Earth, Book like this cannot be useless - Victor HugoAdditional Pages Included in this version are the following: Scientific concepts of the kicking techniques, Presented in a very simplified manner that Beginners can easily understand Techniques that steam punk enthusiast are included. Savate was adopted by E.W. Barton-Wright's "Bartitsu" as part of his fighting method. And the Martial Arts called Bartitsu was practiced by Sherlock Holmes. Additional pages summarized the timeline. And a short introduction to the founder of Bartitsu was added. Savate is considered to be part of H.E.M.A ( Historical European martial arts ) Savate and Bartitsu are well received in Steam Punk and Victorian conventions. This book was highly recommended for all Steam Punk Cos Players and enthusiast.

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ISBN: 9781717789945
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Publication Date: July 16th, 2018
Pages: 142
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