Prayer Prompts for Teens (Paperback)

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It's often said that prayer is talking to God. Assuming this is true, many people-and especially teenagers-find it hard to begin the conversation.

Now don't get me wrong. Lots of people want to talk to God, they just have no idea how to get started.
Hence, this journal.

Prayer Prompts for Teens is composed of easy-to-implement "starters" to get the conversation going. If you've ever thought your prayers were one-sided, you'll soon find the two-way channel you need to explore and develop your prayer life.

Here are a few of the topics you'll find:

  • Your Excitement for the Gospel
  • Meet the Great Counselor
  • A Cry for Strength
  • Learn from Scripture
  • Praying for Friends
  • Forgiveness
  • And much more

You'll find plenty of room under each prompt to write out your prayer. This could prove helpful in keeping a record of your conversations, or tracking the answers to your prayers.

Whether a simple request or a cry for help, you'll find it much easier to maintain your relationship with these prayer prompts.

Here are some unique features of this journal:

  • Arranged in 7-day units
  • Gives you pages to reflect upon each week
  • Left-sided starter page
  • Colorful cover to create excitement about recording
  • 6-week journal-more than enough time to flex your prayer muscles
  • Handy professionally-bound paperback in convenient 6x9 size

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