Monks, Monkeys and Mannequins (Paperback)

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The newspaper headlines read 'Young girl shot by her lover in Vapi railway yard'. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Raghuraj Rai deputes Assistant Police Inspector (API) Reeva Deshpande to investigate the case. When Reeva Deshpande sets out to probe the murder, she finds herself entangled in the chain of mannequins, monkeys and monks of the trade. The trade here is the greed and desires of few men under scrutiny to the basic rights of others who merely exist and survive. Reeva realises that when a whole society lives under the clouds of crime, her own roof cannot be safe.

Like mannequins, they enter the city; like monkeys, they jump from branches to branches to fulfil their greed; and like monks, they manipulate people for their own convenience. This book is about Devakinandan Singh and Lanus Polo, who believe that power flows through the barrel of a gun. What they forget is that by force they can control the world but not their own fate.

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ISBN: 9781684667376
ISBN-10: 1684667372
Publisher: Notion Press
Publication Date: January 21st, 2019
Pages: 264
Language: English