Not as You Plan (Paperback)

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"Who are you?" queried the computer.

Integration beginning. Integration complete.

I know you. I find you acceptable, if a bit primitive. You will do. You have the necessary format to take on my presence. You also seem to have the required intelligence to accommodate the idea of a symbiotic relationship. Your benefit is increased access to information, my ability to calculate possibilities and probabilities, and most other cognitive functions. My benefit will be continued existence until the necessary receptacle can be built. There will be no interruption in your own thinking or actions. This procedure was never intended for that purpose, nor could it ever be so. You will always remain responsible for yourself. My purpose is to facilitate any decisions you will make with the most complete information available to my perception. Stand ready for reception.

It is done, Paul La Croix. The residuals will keep your scientists believing that they are still attempting to communicate with me. There was no indication of the transfer. I suggest that you not inform the others of this occurrence until the appropriate time. However, through my observations, it is a distinct probability that you will not be allowed any freedom with this revelation.

Thus begins the adventures of Paul, Angelique, Alex, and many others as they are whisked away to another galaxy.

How do these people, who are now the aliens, traverse their new reality? What does Paul have to do in order to keep everyone alive?

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ISBN: 9781662412233
ISBN-10: 1662412231
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: January 25th, 2021
Pages: 148
Language: English