Massiah's Trip (Paperback)

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Massiah's Trip is centered around a group of friends reunited after high school many years later. After driving through a horrendous thunderstorm for hours, Billy has injured the palms of his hands from the white-knuckle driving he was doing. Because of the violent lightning flickering across the sky, a focused Billy has not realized that his fingernails were digging into at the palms of his hands, causing them to bleed. Hours later, he finally makes it home to Clearwater Beach. Billy and Chaz meet up with Dick at his house for a welcome home party. However, after the party on the way home, Billy and Chaz are mixed up in a fatal accident. Billy also meet the girl of his dreams. A beautiful girl named Jade, who is quite mysterious herself. Following that tragic event, more mysterious murders and tragic deaths seem to happen around Billy and his car. Billy feels he is going out of his mind because he has a conversation with a ghost, or does he? Massiah's Trip also includes skydiving and a famous bridge with a dark past that could hold the key to Billy's salvation. When Billy finds out the haunting secret of his '76 AMC Gremlin, he races around the clock to come up with a plan to stop all of the carnage and madness that Massiah is wielding. So with one last epic party, Billy, Chaz, and Dick get ready for the ride of their lives. They have one chance to beat the evil force because if they fail, they're dead

Massiah's Trip takes place in Pinellas County and highlights places in Largo and Clearwater Beach. Also, it includes the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, with its tragic story that claimed the lives of many unsuspecting people that foggy morning. So get ready to enjoy a clever little story of killer comedy, suspense, and romance as Massiah's Trip takes you on a ride through a highway of hell.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781641385169
ISBN-10: 1641385162
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: January 18th, 2018
Pages: 120
Language: English