Miracle Lamb (Hardcover)

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Miracles have been around since the beginning of time, but some of the most important miracles were taught by Jesus Christ. Not just by his divine acts, but also a part of his divine teaching. Many great miracles have happened, but some of the greatest, maybe the simplest acts of kindness from those around us. The inspiration for my book, "The Miracle Lamb," comes from the rescue of an orphaned lamb behind my home. I'm sure in this lonely lamb's mind he felt scared and all alone as "The Miracle Lamb" does in my book. Remembering his mother's example of faith and prayer, he prayed to God for help. He not only had to prayer for a miracle but had to have faith that a miracle would happen. Many of us sometimes, feel lost and all alone, but through faith and prayer, great things can happen. Many times, God uses those around us to make miracles happen. The three wise men were an answer to the little lambs' prayer just as I was an answer to my orphaned lamb's plea. When the lamb and the three wise men arrived at Jerusalem, they witnessed a miracle called Jesus. Perhaps the greatest miracle is the little lamb finding a new home. His prayers were truly answered. We also can pray to God for miracles when needed. When our prayers are answered, we must show gratitude to Him for his love, kindness and guidance.

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ISBN: 9781641141260
ISBN-10: 1641141263
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: April 25th, 2018
Pages: 22
Language: English