Song of the Eagle (Paperback)

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The Civil War is raging. A nation is being torn apart, and families are devastated. On the day fourteen-year-old Rose Rayburn's brother leaves home to fight in the war, he shocks his family by inviting their slaves to eat supper with him, Rose, and their parents. Black and white, slave and slave-owner, everyone ate together for the first time in Rose's life. From that day on, everything changes for Rose in ways she could never have imagined. Four weeks later, Rose's brother is killed by an evil renegade. Impulsive and determined to find her brother's killer, Rose embarks on a heart-pounding quest to bring the killer to justice. Her courage comes through her brother's hat, decorated with eagle feathers.And her support from the amazing forces of friendship with her awe-inspiring cousin and a few loyal friends. Join Rose on an unforgettable journey infused with action, great dangers, family love, a touch of youthful innocent romance, and good versus evil. Experience the tragedies, marvel at the triumphs. And discover the song of the eagle.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781631025990
ISBN-10: 1631025996
Publisher: Mockingbird Lane Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 2014
Pages: 220
Language: English