The South Won, What If? (Paperback)

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Description of; "The South Won, Whitt If?" By; Colonel Charles Dahnmon Whitt As a student of the War between the States, I have noticed that the South could have won, except for at least three missed opportunities. I give you the real history of each of these Opportunities, then I give you fictional scenarios of what could have happened. I give you the history of what happened at Manassas and then a "What If" scenario. I give you the real history of the battle of Gettysburg, then What if, Lee did something great and unexpected on the 2nd night and 3rd day? I give you the real history of General Early's late campaign, then I give you the What if he marched straight in on an un-protected Washington City? What States would belong to the Confederate States of America, If the C.S.A. had won? This book will make you think of what could have happened if the South had won States Rights and Independence from the United States This book is full of real history and a lot of "What If's " It is a must have for all Civil War Buffs.

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ISBN: 9781613649213
ISBN-10: 1613649215
Publisher: Dahnmon Whitt Family
Publication Date: November 30th, 2011
Pages: 140
Language: English