Math for Everyone: 7th Grade Math (Paperback)

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Tired of ten pound math textbooks? Tired of math textbooks with 700 to 1,000 pages? Tired of massive student failure in gatekeeper math courses like Algebra I? Tired of math phobic students (and their parents) exclaiming, "I hate math "? Maybe it is time to try a different curriculum. Math For Everyone is a curriculum designed to promote massive student (and teacher) math success. Each year's content in the six math courses (7th Grade Math, Algebra I, Geometry I, Algebra II, Math Analysis and Calculus) is boiled down into its essential vocabulary and 5-7 key concepts with particular attention paid to clarity and articulation between courses. Assessment includes old favorites as well as authentic assessment with rubrics and grading advice included. No text is longer than 80 pages as the 5-7 key concepts can be amply demonstrated and practiced in this amount of space. Math For Everyone is not only great for new math teachers and struggling math students, but great for everyone. Nathaniel Max Rock is an educator since 2001 and the author of more than a dozen education books. He has taught the following courses: 7th Grade Math, Algebra I, Geometry I, Algebra II, Math Analysis, Calculus, as well as California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Prep Classes, AVID Elective (9th & 10th grade), and Carnegie Computer classes. Max's authoring topics include math, education and religion.

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ISBN: 9781599800011
Publisher: Nathaniel Max Rock
Publication Date: January 1st, 2007
Pages: 80