The Complete Home Workout Plan Series: How to Master Fitness in 30 Days (Paperback)

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Are You Still Trying To Lose Weight?

Imagine losing the extra weight without dieting

What if you could lose the weight and keep it off...

For good

Give Me 30 Minutes a Day...And I'll Show You How to Lose Weight

It all starts with a basic workout program.

Most anyone can do without much experience.

But, we can all agree, the same old tired workout won't do.

Some days we don't feel like working out parts of our body.

That's okay, we're human, so let's stay away from the superhuman workouts.

And, we need variety to change up our workout routine to KEEP things EXCITING and FUN

Enter The Complete Home Workout Plan Series

Learn how to master fitness in 30 days with this collection of 9 customizable workout programs.

In this collection of workout plans, you'll get:

  • The primary reason why your body is the best workout tool & how to use it for faster results
  • A fully customizable total body workout plan. No time? No equipment? Now, you also have no excuses
  • Over 9 amazing workouts at home for when you have no desire to step outside or go to the gym.
  • The ideal workout plan and exercise routines at home for men AND women
  • A home workout plan for most everyone from beginners to athletes
  • And, much more

Stop waiting and get your own home workout plan today

Buy it now.

About the Author

Hey! I'm Dale, a high-energy personal trainer and #1 bestselling fitness author. Today I'm in great shape, but it hasn't always been that way. I loved to read, write, and play video games, yet secretly wished to be bigger, stronger, and leaner. Then I discovered pro-wrestling and fell in love with the sport. The good-guy versus bad-guy stories told in the ring reminded me of superhero comics from childhood. I became motivated to push myself-to be just like those superheroes. So, I immersed myself in health and fitness information and learned to build muscle, burn fat, and develop strength. Eventually, I lived my dream of becoming a pro-wrestler and experienced some of the greatest moments in my life. I want to share my journey-my knowledge and passion for health and fitness-and hope to inspire others into becoming the superhero they've always dreamed of being. Are you ready to become a fit and healthy superhero? Join me as I continue my journey. Want a killer workout plan to get started NOW? Can't wait to get on the right track to becoming a fat-burning machine? Then go to http: // to join my online fitness community. And, you'll get "The 4-Minute Fat Burning Workout Plan" free!

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Publication Date: October 31st, 2016
Pages: 254
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