Day by Day Armageddon: Shattered Hourglass (Paperback)

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The acclaimed military thriller of the zombie apocalypse from the author of Day by Day Armageddon and Day by Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile!

In a desperate bid to take back the continental United States—where hordes of undead now dominate the ravaged human population—a Navy commander leads a global mission to the heart of the pandemic. Task Force Hourglass is humanity’s final hope, and his team’s agonizing decisions could mean living one more day—or surrendering to the eternal hell that exists between life and death.

About the Author

J.L. Bourne is a commissioned military officer and acclaimed author of the horror series Day by Day Armageddon, and the dystopian thriller, Tomorrow War. With twenty years of active military and intelligence community service behind him, J.L. brands a realistic and unique style of fiction. He lives on the Gulf Coast but is sometimes spotted toting a rifle and a Bowie knife in the rural hills of Arkansas where he grew up. Visit him at before the grid goes dark.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781451628814
ISBN-10: 1451628811
Publisher: Gallery/Permuted Press
Publication Date: December 26th, 2012
Pages: 336
Language: English
Series: Day by Day Armageddon