The Boy Who Conquered Everest: The Jordan Romero Story (Paperback)

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Jordan Romero was a regular 9 year old boy. He loved BMX biking, listening to music, hanging out with his friends and family, participating in school activities, and studying nature and reptiles. So why would he want to climb the world's tallest mountains? What made him decide to try something so dangerous and difficult? It all started when Jordan spotted a map of the famous "Seven Summits", the tallest mountains on Earth's seven continents, including massive Mt. Everest–the tallest of all. Jordan could not take his eyes off of that map; his head was filled with thoughts of snow-covered peaks, jagged rocks, billowing white clouds and deep blue skies. Four years later, Jordan stood and gazed down at those peaks and cloudy skies from the 29,035 ft. summit of Mt. Everest. He had reached his goal:To conquer the mightiest of mountains and inspire other kids to dream BIG! How did he do it? This is his story...

About the Author

Katherine Blanc has spent most of her life surrounded by cartoons and other interesting characters. Her father-in-law was the late Mel Blanc, known as the "man of 1000 voices" including most of the Looney Tunes® characters for Warner Bros. Her husband, Noel Blanc, carries on his father’s tradition.Katherine’s has a passion for words words imagery. She is the author of The Bad Puppy's Guide to Life and The Bad Kitty's Guide to Life (Sourcebooks, Inc.), Today (BCC Press), Big Bear Historical Museum Coloring Book (Big Bear Valley Historical Society), Gold Mountain Girl (Grizzly Publishing), and Cliff the Climber (Mirror Publishing). She is also a designer and producer of limited-edition greeting cards. Katherine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication. She lives in Southern California.

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ISBN: 9781401931179
ISBN-10: 1401931170
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Publication Date: June 30th, 2010
Pages: 72
Language: English