Despite the Darkness, His Light Remains: The Immortal Heart of Little Lu (Paperback)

Despite the Darkness, His Light Remains: The Immortal Heart of Little Lu By Rachel Vanderwood Cover Image
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Confronted with the knowledge of Satan's most recent schemes to lay claim to the earth, God finds himself with the inevitability of having to take immediate action. With his leading military officials insisting that he himself make his presence known on earth, God settles on an alternative solution, still not yet convinced that the time had come for his return. Taking care in his selection of the angels and archangels that would be dispersed throughout the world to fight off their ever-challenging enemy, God finds himself with the difficult decision of who to send and to where to combat the most recent attacks against his people. As he begins to assign and delegate the teams of his most trusted angels, he is faced with initial opposition from some of his longstanding warriors when he assigns one of his youngest angels to be a part of the team that is sent to fight against one of Satan's demon generals, a demon who is only second-in-command and strength to the rest and one whose motives are marked against the innocence and protection of God's beloved children. Could Little Lu be the answer to defeat the demon general and save God's children? And if she were, how could one of the smallest angels, one who is untested in spiritual warfare of this magnitude, succeed in the task that she is being sent to do?

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ISBN: 9781098099411
ISBN-10: 1098099419
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: August 30th, 2021
Pages: 158
Language: English