The Dreams of Giraffes (Paperback)

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Bobert and Olim are inspired to explore the world after Mama tells them a bedtime story about a magical place where the land meets the sea. The young giraffes are fascinated and decide to find this place that Mama calls Ocean. But how exactly are giraffes supposed to get around, when all of the vehicles are just too small?

The journey was long, and they encountered many unexpected challenges. Just when the boys were about to give up, they were given a glimmer of hope by a kind stranger. Despite all the challenges, the boys found their way to the majestic place where the land meets the sea. Throughout their journey, they learned that chasing their dreams may not be easy but it was well worth it in the end.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781098005818
ISBN-10: 1098005813
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: May 6th, 2020
Pages: 24
Language: English