Ask Me Smarter! Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math - Grade 2: Comprehensive, Curriculum-aligned Questions and Answers for 2nd Grade (Paperback)

Ask Me Smarter! Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math - Grade 2: Comprehensive, Curriculum-aligned Questions and Answers for 2nd Grade Cover Image
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Why Ask Me Smarter? Because AMS provides parents and homeschool families with an all-in-one question and answer resource to further empower their kids with essential knowledge. Because AMS encompasses 1170 kid-engaging, curriculum-aligned questions and answers in the core areas of Language Arts, Social Studies, Civics, Science, and Math for 2nd Grade. Because parents are their children's first and most influential teachers Because knowledge is potential power

Comprehensive / Curriculum-aligned / Research-based Questions: The progressive questions directly align with state content standards. The questions are designed to enhance, review, and reinforce the facts and concepts in the core content areas that elementary school children are already learning. Many questions represent "I CAN" statements reflecting the learning goal.

With Ask Me Smarter you will know exactly what your 2nd Grader needs to know

Homeschool and Summer Bridge: AMS is a go-to supplemental resource for HOMESCHOOLING families It also serves as a summer "BRIDGE" tool or "road trip" companion for reinforcing learned concepts, for preparing students for the next grade level, and for preventing the proverbial "SUMMER SLIDE "

LANGUAGE ARTS: Many of the ELA questions encompass spelling, phonics, readings, literary genres, and essential grammar facts.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Many of the social studies questions encompass geography, history, peoples, regions, and cultures.
CIVICS: The focus of this chapter is to prompt children to think about all levels of government, the role of the citizen, and the importance of becoming contributing members of the community, the state, and the nation.
SCIENCE: The science questions encompass a wide array of scientific topics including astronomy, biology, chemistry, Earth science, ecology, geology, physics, weather/climate, and zoology.
MATH: The questions encompass math skills, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, operations, fractions, time, and money. Specific 2nd questions include: skip counting; patterns; odds and evens; ordinal numbers; equations; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; fact families; lines, graphs, and charts; number sequencing; place value; balancing equations; regrouping; fractions; rounding; time, time zones, and calendar; measurement - U.S. Customary and Metric; measurement tools; currency value; geometric shapes; area; perimeter; probability; range, median, and mode; and simple word problems.
Just the facts, never mind the bells and whistles AMS Making knowledge FUN-da-men-tal

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