Mystery of the Egyptian Amulet: Adventure Books For Kids Age 9-12 (Kid Detective Zet #2) (Paperback)

Mystery of the Egyptian Amulet: Adventure Books For Kids Age 9-12 (Kid Detective Zet #2) Cover Image
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Meet ancient Egypt's favorite young detectives: twelve-year-old Zet, his trusty kid-sister Kat, and their best friend, Hui.

Packed full of whimsy, fun, and old-world charm.

Can these three keen friends solve the puzzle of the missing amulets?

Zet is on the trail: priceless amulets are disappearing all over ancient Egypt's city of Thebes. No one can figure out where they've gone. To make matters worse, Zet's best friend is trapped in a secretive jewelry apprentice school and visitors aren't allowed Armed with curiosity--and a brainy sister who can read and write hieroglyphics--Zet sets out in search of clues.

Along the way, the siblings hunt for a meddling ghost, climb through a stinky garbage pile, sidestep a quick-tempered medjay police chief, and learn how hard it is to make a golden amulet. But when their backs are against the wall, Zet and Kat rely on the one thing they know best: each other. Because siblings, they stick together.

  • Watch out This brain-teaser is infused with magic amulets . . .
  • Kid-friendly storytelling woven with mind-boggling facts
  • Strange, missing artifacts abound
  • An evil gatekeeper guards the secret jewels
  • Loved by book clubs, parents, librarians, teachers, and most of all, kids

What kids are saying:

"I am 11 years old. I could not put this book down."

What parents are saying:

"breezed right through them and has reread them more than once "

Curl up with this old-school yarn from the author the Historical Fiction Society calls 'a natural and gifted storyteller'.

A middle-grade mystery that combines Hardy Boys style sleuthing with heart-warming characters for an exciting puzzle that's a firm favorite for the whole family.

Set out for adventure

Product Details
ISBN: 9780985985219
ISBN-10: 0985985216
Publisher: Best Day Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: September 25th, 2015
Pages: 150
Language: English
Series: Kid Detective Zet