418: I Am a Teapot (Paperback)

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418: I Am a Teapot is a near-future dystopian science fiction novel that explores a world where people by choice, birth, or punishment, relinquish the rights to their physical body. Their brains exist in a constantly-connected virtual interface where they enjoy a fantasy world of endless indulgences. However, while their minds have fun, their bodies are controlled by implants doing the filthiest and most dangerous jobs known to humanity.

Stripped of their identities, these dredges of society are simply called staff and they are disposable. But what happens when a staff becomes cognizant of its situation and tries to break free?

When staff number 418's physical body is broken, he must come to terms with reality, and defend himself in a trial for his life. Will an unlikely friendship save him from permanent retirement?

Product Details
ISBN: 9780981819716
ISBN-10: 0981819710
Publisher: Saevitia Publications
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2021
Pages: 352
Language: English