Secret Cities of Italy: 60 Charming Towns Off the Beaten Path (Hardcover)

Secret Cities of Italy: 60 Charming Towns Off the Beaten Path By Thomas Migge Cover Image
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Bursting with gorgeous photographs and abundant travel information, this book is a showcase of 60 of Italy's off-the-beaten-path towns and villages--some of which are only a short drive from the more popular tourist spots like Venice, Rome, and Florence. Ranging in size and brimming with charm, these lesser-known destinations feature historic town centers, quaint stores, villages atop rocky cliffs, castles, and streets bustling with restaurants. Offering information for art lovers, history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, shopaholics, beach bums, and others, this comprehensive tribute spotlights the wonders of Bella Italia, from breathtaking art and ancient sites to opulent cathedrals and local marketplaces. Not to be overlooked are the stunning beaches, beautiful landscapes, outdoor adventures, and culinary delights found throughout the boot-shaped land. A trip to Italy is already on the bucket list for many travelers, and this book is sure to inspire even more Italian adventures for veteran travelers, tourists planning their first trip to Italy, and armchair travelers interested in vicariously exploring the storied country.

Northern Italy
- Glurns - The Proud Town in the Mountains
- Aosta - The Wild and Romantic Mountain Resort
- Orta San Giulio - Hidden in the Mountains
- Como - The Small Town by a Picturesque Lakeside
- Bassano del Grappa - The High-Proof Delight
- Aquileia - The Mighty Bishop's See
- Brescia - The World Heritage Town in a Prime Location
- Treviso - Mainland Venice in Miniature
- Torcello - The Dreamy Island
- Turin - The Cool Classic Town
- Pavia - Spiritual Greatness and Simple Beauty
- Mantua - The Favorite of the House of Gonzaga
- Montagnana - The Walled-In Wonder
- Parma - Something for the Eyes, Ears, and Palate
- Ferrara - Emilia-Romagna for Romantics
- Pomposa - The Hidden Abbey
- Genoa - The Bypassed Metropolis
- Bologna - The Great Unknown
- Ravenna - The Imperial City
- Triora - A Village Idyll in Liguria's Mountains

Central Italy
- Orsigna - The Elective Home of Tiziano Terzani
- La Verna - A Place for Holy Legends
- Urbino - Treasure Trove in The Marches
- Monteriggioni - The Round Miracle
- Gubbio - Strolling through the Middle Ages
- San Galgano - Mysterious Middle Ages
- Giardino Spoerri - A Garden Full of Ideas
- Spoleto - A Festival Makes History
- Pitigliano - The Jerusalem of Italy
- Orvieto - A First-Class Destination
- Civita di Bagnoregio - A Village in a Top Location
- Bomarzo - A Fantastical Spot in the Country
- Tuscania - Lazio's Bright North
- Tarquinia - A Cemetery with Adjacent Small Town
- Caprarola - A Mannerist Manifesto
- San Clemente -The National Monument
- Rome Underground
- Palestrina - Built within a Temple
- Ostia Antica - Pompeii Vibes
- Ninfa - Visiting a Magic Garden

Southern Italy
- Caserta - The Largest Castle in the World
- Trani - Cathedral by the Sea
- Naples - Italy's Most Fascinating City
- Herculaneum - Pompeii in Miniature
- Paestum - An Exquisite Doric Temple
- Matera - A Cozy Cave System
- Martina Franca - A Stylish Old Town
- Lecce - The Bastion of Architecture
- Otranto - Apulia's Magical South
- Diamante - The Perfect Seaside Resort
- Tharros - The Anchorage of Antiquity
- Barumini - World Heritage Site in the Country
- Stromboli - A Great Island Spectacle
- Palermo - The Underestimated Town
- Monreale - Dipped in Gold
- Cefal - A Charming Old Town by the Sea
- Agrigent - A Classic of Antiquity by the Sea
- Piazza Armerina - A Villa Causes a Sensation
- Syracuse - From Poorhouse to the Precious City
- Noto - Risen from the Ashes.

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