Feet of Clay (Discworld Novels (Audio)) (Compact Disc)

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Who's murdering harmless old men? Who's poisoning the Patrician? As autumn fogs hold Ankh-Morpork in their grip, the City Watch have to track down a murderer who can't be seen. Maybe the golems know something -- but the solemn men of clay, who work all day and night and are never any trouble to anyone, have started to commit suicide...

Whom can you trust when there are mobs on the street and plotters in the night and all the clues point the wrong way?

In the gloom of the night, Watch Commander Sir Samuel Vimes finds that the truth may not be out there after all .....

Product Details
ISBN: 9780753107447
ISBN-10: 0753107449
Publisher: Isis
Publication Date: October 1st, 2000
Language: English
Series: Discworld Novels (Audio)