Age of Consent (At Issue) (Paperback)

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These books provide a range of opinions on a social issue; each volume focuses on a specific issue and offers a variety of perspectives, e.g., eyewitness accounts, governmental views, scientific analysis, newspaper accounts, to illuminate the issue.; This title explores the issue of the age of consent, question of a link between cell phone and cancer, focusing on if the age of consent should be eighteen or lower, if age of consent laws are confusing, if minors should need parental consent to obtain co; Greenhaven Press's At Issue series provides a wide range of opinions on individual social issues. Enhancing critical thinking skills, each At Issue volume is an excellent research tool to help readers understand current social issues and prepare reports.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780737768176
ISBN-10: 0737768177
Publisher: Greenhaven
Publication Date: July 12th, 2013
Pages: 128
Language: English
Series: At Issue (Paperback)