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I dedicate "Never Say Never" The Survival Journal, to the memories of Laci & Conner Peterson, Cherica Adams, Washington Interns Joyce Chiang, Mary Mahoney, Chandra Levy, Polly H. Klaas, and the many others whose lives were taken through violent acts. "The "Never Say Never" Journal is excellent and will certainly find its audience". -Gavin de Becker, Best selling Author of The Gift Of Fear, Protecting The Gift, and Fearless "Mrs. Gollner, I applaud the marvelous work that you are doing. Your dedication to safety, combined with your intense focus, intelligence and positive attitude have resulted in a well thought out, inspirational and important safety tool." Pollydad -Marc Klaas, father of the late Polly Hannah Klaas and founder of the Klaaskids Foundation -Steve Bornfeld, Writer, Las Vegas Life Magazine says: "Never Say Never" is a workbook-style collection of fact sheets where teens can jot down names and vital information. Her drive to protect teenagers was born of teenage experience-hers and others. And to hammer home the point, she includes statistics of rape, abductions, and other violent acts." -The Late Sandy Thompson Vice President and Associate Editor, Las Vegas Sun Newspaper said: "Never Say Never" is a good idea that's presented simply and directly. It's Gollner's idea of keeping a regular journal with pertinent information that's appealing. It makes sense, especially for teens and adults. The importance of such information was underscored by the disappearance of Chandra Levy, the graduate student from California who disappeared in Washington, D.C. without a trace". -Reverend Sharlene Humm, President of Sharlene's Angels On Earth inc. says: "I think that ("Never Say Never") is a very unique idea that should be introduced to every family who has children. This will help parents not only keep track of their children, but in cases of unseen emergencies or other unseen happenings, they will have a good record of those people and the places their children may frequent. It is important that this journal gives young people independence and 'is not the demand of the parent'. This is a good idea, and I think the journal ("Never Say Never") should be on the top of the shopping list for any parent." -La Vonda M. Gollner Author of "Never Say Never", The Survival Journal, says: "It seems that our society thrives on tragedy, but I thrive on preventions of tragedy". -Tracy Drake, 10 yrs old wrote: "Dear Ruth, thank you for the book, it is really good. I hope your daughter writes more. I like writing in the book, it is very fun. Thank you". -Angela Drake, 14 yrs old wrote: "Dear Ruth, I thank you for the book your daughter wrote. I like it very much. I hope your daughter succeeds with this book and others to come". Dear Tracy & Angela, I am fighting for you, and I will never stop. Love, La Vonda

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Publication Date: September 26th, 2006
Pages: 276
Language: English