Mr. Stuffer Stuffed the Turkey: The Thanksgiving grandma never expected! (Paperback)

Mr. Stuffer Stuffed the Turkey: The Thanksgiving grandma never expected! Cover Image
By Nate Gunter, Mauro Lirussi (Illustrator), Nate Books (Other)
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Mr. Stuffer Stuffed the Turkey is the 4th book and launched Fall 2019. Mr. Stuffer Stuffed the Turkey captures the wonderful American Thanksgiving tradition. Thanksgiving is filled family and food, and Thanksgiving becomes a feast to be remembered for generations. Sometimes Thanksgivings can become boring, uncomfortable, lonely, or strange especially with family, friends, neighbors, and others coming together. Quirky family Thanksgivings might turn explosive in conversation, disagreement, or issues from the past, but Mr. Stuffer Stuffed the Turkey book works through that to show that Thanksgiving can become a humorous and uniting feast of thanks together. Instead of fighting, like in the heated political and diverse world of America, families become reminded of a greater thing in life -- each other and and taking time to give thanks


Laugh at the Thanksgiving of a lifetime when the little boy, Mr. Stuffer, stuffs the turkey to a massive size for his large family and visiting grandma What did Mr. Stuffer use to stuff the turkey? What happens to the turkey? What happens to grandma? Take time to read together as a family before any Thanksgiving as a reminder of what not to do when stuffing the turkey. But, do include the kids in how best to prepare the meal while doing the most important thing at Thanksgiving which is to give thanks together, especially as a family.


  1. Read the comical Thanksgiving filled with a large, quirky family while reminding each other about the real history, reason, and fun this meal can be for all that come together.
  2. Use to introduce the season as a family or with friends with this Thanksgiving children's book for the American holiday
  3. Discuss how to actually stuff a turkey and enjoy cooking together, including the kids in all of it
  4. Review or create recipes for generations to passed to their kids.
  5. Read with fun, humor, loudness, and suspense, especially the last page and its dramatic twist

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ISBN: 9780578590561
ISBN-10: 0578590565
Publisher: Tgjs Publishing
Publication Date: October 18th, 2019
Pages: 32
Language: English