Walking with Spirits: Paying It Forward During a Global Pandemic (Paperback)

Walking with Spirits: Paying It Forward During a Global Pandemic By Jami Lee Mumford Cover Image
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Planning a birthday celebration is a difficult task on its own. Every mother does her best to make it as perfect as possible. However, when it is being planned for a child in spirit, what does one do? That was the dilemma Jami Lee Mumford was facing in February of 2020. Her late son, Chayse, was turning twenty in April. She was clueless about what to do to honor him and his beautiful life. One night while browsing through venues, she noticed tickets were available for a comedy show. The show was scheduled for Chayse's birthday: April 3, 2020. Feeling confident it was a sign from her son, she bought the last remaining seats for her family. Elated that they would now enjoy laughter on this day instead of the usual sorrow that this day has provided for the last three years, she was positive she had planned the perfect birthday celebration. Until the unthinkable happened.
The Covid-19 pandemic that had been plaguing other countries was now wreaking havoc in the United States. When Illinois shut down in late March, the venue had to close, therefore canceling the comedy show. Devastated and once again lost, Jami spoke aloud to Chayse, asking for guidance. During a partial meditative state, Chayse gave her the answer. He was guiding Jami to start a food donation event for families impacted by the pandemic shutdown. An event, she believed, would only last a few hours. However, through God and Chayse's amazing grace, it lasted for almost four months.
In the pages within, Jami shares with you the dream visits, signs and synchronicities from many spirits that allowed her to pull off one of the most amazing acts of kindness during the pandemic of 2020. When it ended, see how Chayse continued to walk with her for the remainder of the year-guiding her with his magical, mysterious ways. Providing the validations that those we love never go away; they walk beside us every day

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ISBN: 9780578338224
ISBN-10: 057833822X
Publisher: Walking with Spirits LLC
Publication Date: January 17th, 2022
Pages: 278
Language: English