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A Butterfly Adventure

A Butterfly Adventure: Part 1  is sponsored by Sourcebooks.

Lauren, the Reading Bug and a new friend, Mari, are off on another fantastic journey, following the great monarch migration southward to reunite a tiny monarch with his family, and to reunite Mari with her grandparents for the Dia de los Muertos celebration. Join them to learn about the monarch's four stages of life and the important Mexican holiday. 

Past Episodes

A Unicorn Adventure

A Unicorn Adventure: Full Story  is sponsored by Sourcebooks.

A Unicorn Adventure: Part 1  is sponsored by Penguin Young Reader's Group.

A Unicorn Adventure: Part 2  is sponsored by Penguin Random House Audio.

Join Lauren, the Reading Bug and the Spelling Bee on a fantastic fantasy adventure to a place where it's always sunny, cheerful and fun... or so we thought! With the Land of the Unicorns in trouble, and Lauren and the Reading Bug in danger, too, can we help save the day?

A Treasure Hunting Adventure

Join Lauren and the Reading Bug on this exciting adventure to explore worlds unknown! With your help, can we uncover a bounty of riches thousands of years old lying on the ocean's floor? Ancient legends tell the story of a mighty city that sunk into the ocean, and we're on our way to find it.

A Steam Train Adventure

A Steam Train Adventure  is sponsored by Sourcebooks.

All aboard for another exciting adventure with Lauren and the Reading Bug! Take a magical trip back in time for a trip aboard the luxurious 20th Century Limited train - on its route from New York City to Chicago - and meet some of its powerful and eccentric passengers! And watch out - someone aboard the train is stealing books (and book bags)!

A Gorilla Adventure

A Gorilla Adventure (Part 1)  is sponsored by Penguin Random House Audio.

A Gorilla Adventure (Part 2)  is sponsored by Scholastic.

The Reading Bug is eager to return to Africa and bring her friend, Spelling Bee, along for the adventure. Join them and Lauren for a trip to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda to visit the endangered mountain gorillas that live there. And when a gorilla goes missing, join the search party with Dr. Mike from the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project (MGVP).

A Race Car Adventure

A Race Car Adventure  is sponsored by Scholastic.

Season 5 of Reading Bug Adventures is off to a great start with this fast-paced racing episode. The Reading Bug has a need for speed, and using the book bag's magic, and your imaginations, of course, we're off to witness an historic race! Will Lauren and the Reading Bug take the lead and win? Tune in to find out.

A Dragon Adventure

A Dragon Adventure  is sponsored by author, Jon Stahl and Dragons Eat Noodles on Tuesdays

Join Lauren and the Reading Bug for a magical adventure - and learn all about how to write your own story! When the Reading Bug discovers a mysterious, large egg in the middle of the bookstore, our adventure to find which story it tumbled out of begins. Meet princes, monsters and, of course, dragons as we create a story that's all our own.

A Thanksgiving Adventure

A Thanksgiving Adventure  is sponsored by Penguin Young Readers

What are you thankful for? Lauren and the Reading Bug are thankful for an all-new adventure and for a reunion with their good friend Spelling Bee! Join them as they travel back in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with a village of Pilgrims and the native people living nearby. When the magic book bag goes astray, we'll get an adventure we didn't expect - and an opportunity to celebrate our differences!

A Reading Bug Adventure: Live!

A Reading Bug Adventure: Live! is sponsored by Penguin Random House Audio

Join Lauren and the Reading Bug and other characters for a special live episode, performed from The Reading Bug children's bookstore in San Carlos, CA. In this all-new adventure, the Spelling Bee has been captured by a villain from a past adventure and we have to jump back into several stories (and songs!) to save her.

An Egyptian Adventure

An Egyptian Adventure (Bonus Full Story)  is sponsored by Penguin Random House Audio

An Egyptian Adventure (Parts 1 & 2)  is sponsored by Sourcebooks

Take a magical, mystical journey back in time with Lauren and the Reading Bug to visit ancient Egypt. From the Nile River to the Valley of the Kings, the sights all around are stunning, but, beware of the mummy's curse! 

An Arctic Adventure

An Arctic Adventure  is sponsored by Random House Kids

The Reading Bug's magic book bag is ready to whisk us away to the North Pole - at the very top of the globe - to see the amazing sights and animals there. But when a new friend arrives, the adventure takes an unexpected turn! Travel with Lauren and the Reading Bug on this spectacular journey!

A Baseball Adventure

A Baseball Adventure  is sponsored by Penguin Young Readers Group

Lauren and the Reading Bug start season 4 with a very special trip to see a very special baseball player - Jackie Robinson! Along with a new friend, Shane, they zip through Brooklyn, New York on their way to Ebbets Field for the big game!

A Magic Adventure

A Magic Adventure (Bonus Full Story) is sponsored by Sourcebooks

A Magic Adventure (Part 1) is sponsored by Fabled Films Press

When The Great Bug-ini's magic tricks go awry, Lauren and the Reading Bug are visited by two new friends... from the magical land of New Alchemy!  Join to help them get back home and save their school from an evil witch. But getting back may not be as easy as hopping into the book bag this time! We may need the help of a great and powerful magician.

An Antarctic Adventure

An Antarctic Adventure (Bonus Full Story) is sponsored by Familius

An Antarctic Adventure (parts 1 & 2) is sponsored by Penguin Young Readers

The Reading Bug's magic book bag is full of books about penguins and the South Pole, but when an unexpected visitor arrives, will she get to take the adventure she was planning? A spectacular journey awaits - and a trip to the remote McMurdo station may be our next stop - to see the penguins that live at the South Pole!

A Loch Ness Adventure

A Loch Ness Adventure is sponsored by Henry Holt Books for Young Readers an imprint of Macmillan

Lauren and the Reading Bug are off on another exciting adventure - this time, in search of the mysterious and elusive Loch Ness Monster, Nessie! But finding a sea creature that has been hidden in the Scottish highlands for hundreds of years is no easy task. Join the adventure as we meet some rowdy highland cattle, learn a Scottish dance and make some magical new friends.

An Airplane Adventure

An Airplane Adventure is sponsored by Penguin Young Readers

Join Lauren and the Reading Bug as they journey back in time to a very specific date - to experience the Wright brothers' first flight! Experience their bumpy ride to success through a series of triumphs and failures - and meet the Wright sister, Katherine, too!

An Irish Adventure

An Irish Adventure is sponsored by Bloomsbury Children's Books

Look what the Reading Bug caught in her leprechaun trap! It's a tricky little leprechaun who is looking for a way back to the Emerald Isle! Follow the rainbow in the Reading Bug's magic bookbag all the way to Ireland where a magical journey to an enchanted kingdom of fairies awaits... but be careful of tricky leprechaun magic - and of ballybogs and pookas, too!

A Royal Adventure

A Royal Adventure (Part 1) is sponsored by Barefoot Books

A Royal Adventure (Part 2, Part 3 & Bonus Episode) is sponsored by Random House Kids

Our last story of season 2 is a legendary trip to the magical kingdom of Camelot! Hop into the Reading Bug's book bag for a trip back in time to become part of the Camelot legend, with King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, the Knights of the Round Table and much, much more. But beware, dangerous trolls and serpents lurk around every corner!

A Circus Adventure

A Circus Adventure is sponsored by Scholastic

The Reading Bug has been working on a special talent and we're off to visit P.T. Barnum's Greatest Show on Earth to see other talented performers - acrobats, elephants, daredevils and more! But things get exciting when someone develops a case of stage fright. The show must go on, but how can it when the star performer won't perform? Join Lauren and the Reading Bug on this high flying adventure and maybe you'll find yourself performing in the circus, too!

A Ninja Adventure

A Ninja Adventure is sponsored by Magination Press (

Join Lauren and the Reading Bug as the magic bookbag zips us back to feudal Japan for an incredible adventure! Practice the ways of the ninja warriors and use your new skills to evade a scary Samurai army and rescue a new friend. Learn about - and create - your own haiku, and be sure to bring your crayons and paper to draw illustrations of the beautiful surroundings.

A Live Adventure

A Live Adventure is sponsored by Brightly (

Performed live from The Reading Bug Bookstore in San Carlos, CA, join Lauren, the Reading Bug, and a cast of many of our season one characters on a wild, music-filled adventure. In this all-new adventure, there's been a mix-up and we've got to hop inside the magic book bag to help set things right.  Who knows what we might see on this wacky adventure Pirates? Aliens? Cowboys? Yes! Join the fun, sing along and help Lauren and the Reading Bug save the day!

A Chimpanzee Adventure

A Chimpanzee Adventure is sponsored by Penguin Young Readers

We're headed back to Africa to visit the Gombe National Park and walk in the footsteps of famed paleontologist, Jane Goodall. And this time we're on a very special mission. A baby chimp has disappeared and Lauren, the Reading Bug and you need to help find her! Hop into the Reading Bug's magic book bag for another magical adventure!

A Dinosaur Adventure

A Dinosaur Adventure is sponsored by Familius

Season 2 Premier! Join Lauren and the Reading Bug on an all-new adventure to a time when dinosaurs roared and pteranodons soared!  Will you see a triceratops, or parasaurolophus? Or maybe a mighty T-Rex (yikes!)?  Hop into the Reading Bug's magic book bag for an historic adventure!

A Pirate Adventure

Join Lauren and the Reading Bug on a new adventure with some of the nastiest, rowdiest, smelliest, song-and-dance-iest pirates to sail the seven seas! Hop into the Reading Bug's magic book bag to help save a young girl captured by Captain Blackbeard and his motley crew. You'll need to be brave, cunning, and ready for action to trick Blackbeard and get everyone to safety.

A Safari Adventure

This adventure is going to be wild! Hop into the Reading Bug's magic book bag and join our incredible picture safari. With the help of your imaginations, we're headed to the continent of Africa to observe - and illustrate - the incredible wildlife there. But watch out! We don't want to run into any lions...or worse!

An Outer Space Adventure

Join Lauren and the Reading Bug for an Adventure that's out of this world! The Reading Bug has a new - green - friend who needs to get back home, and you can help! Just jump in the magic book bag, use your imaginations and BLAST OFF!

An Ocean Adventure

Join Lauren, the Reading Bug and many new friends to explore the ocean depths. The Reading Bug's magic book bag will take us all the way to Hawaii for this underwater adventure, and after putting on wetsuits, fins and helmets, we'll slip below the ocean's surface and explore the beautiful ocean life in and around the island's coral reef. Keep your eyes - and your imaginations - open, there's excitement, adventure (and a little bit of danger) around every turn!

A Wild West Adventure

Travel back in time more than 150 years to America's Wild West. Just hop into the Reading Bug's book bag and we're off to meet Cookie, Billy and others, and share this wild adventure with them. Hope you're ready for action, because you might find yourself riding for the Pony Express!

A Garden Adventure

Hop into the Reading Bug's book bag and shrink down to bug size to visit the insects of the garden and solve the mystery of the missing flowers! Meet sad Mr. Scarecrow, Helga and Fleur and their ant colony, Elizabuzz and more on this exciting adventure. 

Learn about what's in store in Season 1 of Reading Bug Adventures - officially launching on Feb. 6, 2018! Meet Lauren and the Reading Bug and listen to clips from some of our upcoming adventures. Reading Bug Adventures is a story podcast for kids, created, written, and produced by The Reading Bug, our independent, family-owned children's bookstore in Northern California. 

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