Story 1 - Episodes 1 & 2 - A Garden Adventure

A Garden Adventure

Hop into the Reading Bug's book bag and shrink down to bug size to visit the insects of the garden and solve the mystery of the missing flowers! Meet sad Mr. Scarecrow, Helga and Fleur and their ant colony, Elizabuzz and more on this exciting adventure. 

Books Mentioned in this Podcast

Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book By Britta Teckentrup Cover Image
ISBN: 9781524715267
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Published: Doubleday Books for Young Readers - January 31st, 2017

Through a hole in the book's cover, a bee is buzzing inside a flower. Peek into this bright and lively book and discover the big ways this little insect contributes to the beauty of the environment, from pollinating colorful flowers to buzzing about the bright and beautiful meadow.  With clever peekaboo holes throughout, each page reveals new flowers and plants, plus a look inside a beehive as the bees work together to help a plants grow. Ages 3 to 7.

How Does My Garden Grow? By Gerda Muller Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781782500377
Published: Floris Books - March 15th, 2014

Sophie lives in the city, and her vegetables come from the supermarket. Then she goes to visit her grandparents in the countryside -- and soon discovers how much there is to learn about how things grow. Ages 5 to 8.

Sophie's Squash By Pat Zietlow Miller, Anne Wilsdorf (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Pat Zietlow Miller, Anne Wilsdorf (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780307978967
Availability: In Our Warehouse - Expected arrival in 2-5 days
Published: Anne Schwartz Books - August 6th, 2013

On a trip to the farmers' market with her parents, Sophie chooses a squash, but instead of letting her mom cook it, she names it Bernice. From then on, Sophie brings Bernice everywhere, despite her parents' gentle warnings that Bernice will begin to rot. As winter nears, Sophie does start to notice changes.... What's a girl to do when the squash she loves is in trouble?  Ages 4 to 7.

How to Grow a Friend By Sara Gillingham Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780385376693
Published: Random House Studio - January 6th, 2015

A lovely metaphor teaches valuable lessons in how to treat others and make friendships blossom Making a friend takes patience, care, and room to bloom--just like growing a flower. Soon your little gardeners will have their very own green thumbs for this most important of life skills. Ages 3 to 7.

The Curious Garden By Peter Brown Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316015479
Availability: In Our Warehouse - Expected arrival in 2-5 days
Published: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers - April 1st, 2009

While out exploring one day, a little boy named Liam discovers a struggling garden and decides to take care of it. As time passes, the garden spreads throughout the dark, gray city, transforming it into a lush, green world.  Ages 4 to 7.


This sweet exploration of the hidden world and many lives of a garden through the course of a year "could not be more lovely," according to the  Washington Post. Up in the garden, the world is full of green--leaves and sprouts, growing vegetables, ripening fruit. But down in the dirt there is a busy world of earthworms digging, snakes hunting, skunks burrowing, and all the other animals that make a garden their home. In this exuberant and lyrical book, discover the wonders that lie hidden between stalks, under the shade of leaves...and down in the dirt. Ages 5 to 8.

The Worm: The Disgusting Critters Series By Elise Gravel Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781101918418
Published: Tundra Books - July 5th, 2016

The second in a series of humorous books about disgusting creatures, The Worm is a look at the earthworm. It covers such topics as the worm's habitats (sometimes they live inside other animals), its anatomy (its muscle tube is slimy and gross), and its illustrious history (worms have been on Earth for 120 million years). Ages 6 to 9.

What If There Were No Bees?: A Book about the Grassland Ecosystem (Food Chain Reactions) By Suzanne Slade, Carol Schwartz (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Suzanne Slade, Carol Schwartz (Illustrator)
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ISBN: 9781404863941
Published: Picture Window Books - July 1st, 2010

Grassland ecosystems can be found on nearly every continent. Countless animals and plants live in them. So what difference could the loss of one animal species make? Follow the chain reaction, and discover how important honey bees are. Ages 6 to 9.

Other Great Books for You to Explore: 
The Night Gardener By Terry Fan, Eric Fan, Terry Fan (Illustrator), Eric Fan (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Terry Fan, Eric Fan, Terry Fan (Illustrator), Eric Fan (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781481439787
Availability: On Our Store Shelves Now
Published: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers - February 16th, 2016

One day, William discovers that the tree outside his window has been sculpted into a wise owl. In the following days, more topiaries appear, and each one is more beautiful than the last. Soon, William's gray little town is full of color and life. And though the mysterious night gardener disappears as suddenly as he appeared, William--and his town--are changed forever. Ages 4 to 8.

Tokyo Digs a Garden By Jon-Erik Lappano, Kellen Hatanaka (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Jon-Erik Lappano, Kellen Hatanaka (Illustrator)
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ISBN: 9781554987986
Published: Groundwood Books - March 1st, 2016

Tokyo lives in a small house between giant buildings with his family and his cat, Kevin. Will they ever experience the natural world again? One day, an old woman offers Tokyo seeds, telling him they will grow into whatever he wishes. Tokyo and his grandfather are astonished when the seeds grow into a forest so lush that it takes over the entire city overnight. Ages 4 to 8.

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!: (Bug Books for Kids, Nonfiction Kids Books) By Bob Barner Cover Image
ISBN: 9781452161372
Availability: In Our Warehouse - Expected arrival in 2-5 days
Published: Chronicle Books - March 14th, 2017

Budding entomologists will fly to this book like bees to honey," said School Library Journal, and it's true Pretty ladybugs, fluttering butterflies, creepy daddy longlegs, and round roly polies are just some of the familiar creatures featured in this whimsically illustrated insect album from veteran children's book author-illustrator Bob Barner. Ages 2 to 5.

Bugs A to Z By Caroline Lawton Cover Image
ISBN: 9780545273305
Availability: In Our Warehouse - Expected arrival in 2-5 days
Published: Scholastic Paperbacks - March 1st, 2011

The perfect book for all kids who are fascinated with bugs. Simple text from A to Z provides buggy facts and figures. Larger than life full-color photographs of creepy crawlies include locusts, caterpillars, beetles, flies, grasshoppers, ants, praying mantis, and more! Ages 4 to 8.

Insect Detective: Read and Wonder By Steve Voake, Charlotte Voake (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Steve Voake, Charlotte Voake (Illustrator)
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ISBN: 9780763658168
Published: Candlewick - February 28th, 2012

Right now, all around us, thousands of insects are doing strange and wonderful things: wasps are building nests, ants are collecting food, and dragonflies are readying for the hunt. But it’s not always easy to catch sight of these six-legged creatures: you have to know where to look. Guided by this book, readers will happily become insect detectives and find out just what those bugs are up to. Ages 4 to 8.

Insect Pollinators (First Step Nonfiction -- Pollination) By Jennifer Boothroyd Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781467760683
Published: Lerner Classroom - January 1st, 2015

Many insects drink nectar and collect pollen from flowers, and in the process they help plants reproduce. Readers will investigate how bees, butterflies, ants, and other insects assist in pollination. Simple text and supportive photos and diagrams help readers understand key ideas and details about this important science concept. Ages 4 to 7.

First Garden: The White House Garden and How It Grew By Robbin Gourley Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780547482248
Published: Clarion Books - April 4th, 2011

The White House kitchen garden was established in 2009. This book tells the story of Mrs. Obama's garden, as well as the story of the White House grounds, the other gardens that came before, the children who have played there, and the teamwork, involving local children, that led to the garden flourishing on the South Lawn. This is a lighthearted, entertaining, and lavishly illustrated book that includes recipes.


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