Season 9 - Episodes 5 & 6 - A Bollywood Adventure

A Bollywood Adventure

On this adventure, Lauren and the Reading Bug are headed all the way to India! Join them as they explore the city and learn all about the sights and culture... and maybe, just maybe, find their way into a spectacular Bollywood movie!

Books Mentioned in this Podcast

Tiger Boy By Mitali Perkins Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781580896610
Published: Charlesbridge - June 6th, 2017

When a tiger cub escapes from a nature reserve near Neel’s island village, the rangers and villagers hurry to find her before the cub’s anxious mother follows suit and endangers them all. Mr. Gupta, a rich newcomer to the island, is also searching—he wants to sell the cub’s body parts on the black market. Neel and his sister, Rupa, resolve to find the cub first and bring her back to the reserve where she belongs.

Ganesha's Sweet Tooth By Emily Haynes, Sanjay Patel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781452103624
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Published: Chronicle Books - September 5th, 2012

The bold, bright colors of India leap right off the page in this fresh and funny picture book retelling (with a twist) of how Ganesha came to help write the epic poem of Hindu literature, the Mahabharata. Ganesha is just like any other kid, except that he has the head of an elephant and rides around on a magical mouse. And he loves sweets, especially the traditional dessert laddoo. But when Ganesha insists on biting into a super jumbo jawbreaker laddoo, his tusk breaks off! Ganesha is terribly upset, but with the help of the wise poet Vyasa, and his friend Mr. Mouse, he learns that what seems broken can actually be quite useful after all. With vibrant, graphic illustrations, expressive characters, and offbeat humor, this is a wonderfully inventive rendition of a classic tale.

Bollywood Burglary (Geronimo Stilton #65) By Geronimo Stilton Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781338087758
Published: Scholastic Paperbacks - December 27th, 2016

My detective friend Hercule Poirat and I were headed to India. A Bollywood star we're friends with had received a valuable ruby and wanted us to help her protect it... which meant that I ended up acting in the movie she was filming! Rancid ricotta -- I'm a terrible actor! Even worse, just when we least expected it, the ruby was stolen. Could we find the thief?

Tigers at Twilight (Magic Tree House #19) By Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780679890652
Availability: On Our Store Shelves Now
Published: Random House Books for Young Readers - August 17th, 1999

Tigers in trouble? That's what Jack and Annie find when the Magic Tree House whisks them and Teddy, the enchanted dog, to a forest in India. The rare tigers are being trapped by greedy poachers! Can Jack and Annie find a way to help? Or will a fierce tiger eat them instead?

Yoga Bunny: An Easter And Springtime Book For Kids By Brian Russo, Brian Russo (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Brian Russo, Brian Russo (Illustrator)
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ISBN: 9780062429520
Published: HarperCollins - December 6th, 2016

Yoga Bunny helps readers wind down as they learn beginning yoga poses, from downward dog to tree pose. Brilliant author-illustrator Brian Russo shows readers just how relaxing yoga can be. It's a perfect day for yoga, and Bunny is practicing his poses and wishes his friends would do yoga with him! But Lizard is too tired, Fox is in a rush, and Bird has the hiccups. Will Bunny ever be able to get his friends to slow down and realize that yoga just might be a solution to their problems?

Hinduism For Kids: Beliefs And Practices By Shalu Sharma Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781495370427
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - January 29th, 2014

Why don't Hindus eat beef? Why do Hindu women wear a dot on their forehead? Who is the Monkey God? Who's that God with the elephant head? Children can ask the weirdest of questions and sometimes it's difficult to tell them the answers to these questions. The reality is that even the adults don't know the answers to many of these questions. The fact is, Hinduism is a complex religion even to those who are born Hindus. This book covers a complex religion in simple questions and answers.

Where Is the Taj Mahal? (Where Is?) By Dorothy Hoobler, Thomas Hoobler, Who HQ, John Hinderliter (Illustrator) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399542145
Availability: On Our Store Shelves Now
Published: Penguin Workshop - January 24th, 2017

The Taj Mahal may look like a palace, but it's actually a tomb and a lasting testament to one of the world's great love stories. In 1612, Mogul emperor Shah Jahan married Mumtaz Mahal. It had been love at first sight and for nineteen years they were so inseparable that Mumtaz even accompanied Shah Jahan to battlefields. When she died suddenly giving birth to their fourteenth child, the emperor set about building a magnificent memorial to his wife. Everything about the Taj was perfectly planned, from the white marble walls that shimmer in the sunlight and sparkle by moonlight, to the countless decorative flowers made from precious gems that still astound visitors today. Recent discoveries at the site make this a timely account of a timeless monument.

Other Great Books for You to Explore: 
The Little Book of Hindu Deities: From the Goddess of Wealth to the Sacred Cow By Sanjay Patel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780452287754
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Published: Plume - October 31st, 2006

India (Countries We Come from) By Joyce Markovics Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781627248570
Published: Bearport Books - July 1st, 2015

Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood By Varsha Bajaj Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780807563656
Published: Albert Whitman & Company - March 1st, 2015

Prince of Fire: The Story of Diwali By Jatinder Verma, Nilesh Mistry (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Jatinder Verma, Nilesh Mistry (Illustrator)
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ISBN: 9781782853077
Published: Barefoot Books - September 1st, 2016

Word Travelers and the Taj Mahal Mystery By Raj Haldar, Neha Rawat (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Raj Haldar, Neha Rawat (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781728222059
Availability: On Our Store Shelves Now
Published: Sourcebooks Explore - October 5th, 2021


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