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Our Latest Adventure

A Wild West Adventure

Travel back in time more than 150 years to America's Wild West. Just hop into the Reading Bug's book bag and we're off to meet Cookie, Billy and others, and share this wild adventure with them. Hope you're ready for action, because you might find yourself riding for the Pony Express!

Past Episodes

A Garden Adventure

Hop into the Reading Bug's book bag and shrink down to bug size to visit the insects of the garden and solve the mystery of the missing flowers! Meet sad Mr. Scarecrow, Helga and Fleur and their ant colony, Elizabuzz and more on this exciting adventure. 

Learn about what's in store in Season 1 of Reading Bug Adventures - officially launching on Feb. 6, 2018! Meet Lauren and the Reading Bug and listen to clips from some of our upcoming adventures. Reading Bug Adventures is a story podcast for kids, created, written, and produced by The Reading Bug, our independent, family-owned children's bookstore in Northern California. 



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