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Upcoming Author Appearances



Meet Author Karma Wilson on Thursday, September 25th @ 4pm

This best-selling series of picture books are a Reading Bug favorite!  We can't wait to meet Karma Wilson and hear her latest book, Bear Sees Colors!


Book signing to follow presentation.


Recommended for ages 3-6 


Not able to make the event and would still like an autographed copy? No problem! Click HERE and
order any of Karma Wilson's books online. During checkout, be sure to put in the notes to whom you'd like Karma to sign the book. Then, just pick it up from our store anytime after the event that's convenient for you!




Meet Pixar Artist Steve Pilcher on Sunday, September 28th @ 11am

Steve has worked on movies such as Shrek and Brave! His beautiful new picture book is not to be missed! Drawing and animation presentation to be followed by signing.


Recommended for ages 4-10.



Not able to make the event and would still like an autographed copy? No problem! Click HERE and order Steve's book online. During checkout, be sure to put in the notes to whom you'd like Steve to sign the book. Then, just pick it up from our store anytime after the event that's convenient for you!




Meet Author Annie Barrows on Tuesday, September 30th @ 4:30pm

We all know Annie Barrows for the fantastic early reader series, Ivy and Bean.  But middle grade readers have been awaiting this sequel to The Magic Half!  Magic in the Mix is finally here!  


Book signing to follow presentation...


Recommended for ages 7-12.


Not able to make the event and would still like an autographed copy? No problem! Click HERE and order any of Annie's books online. During checkout, be sure to put in the notes to whom you'd like Annie to sign the book. Then, just pick it up from our store anytime after the event that's convenient for you! 

Recommended Reading:

Recommended Reading:

ISBN-13: 9780763644741
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Candlewick, 8/2009
Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales by Lucy Cousins. Every child needs a book of fairy tales, and this one, by the creator of the Maisy series, is yummy! In each of the eight stories-- “The Little Red Hen,” “The Three Little Pigs,” “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” “The Musicians of Bremen,” “The Three Billy Goats Gruff,” “The Enormous Turnip,” and “Little Red Riding Hood”—food and eating plays a central role. For example, in “Little Red Riding Hood,” Red is taking a basket of goodies to her sick grandmother, and, of course, her granny is eaten by the wolf. In “The Enormous Turnip”, the turnip becomes a feast for all. Cousins’ colorful illustrations are so cheerful and bright that they ensure that the tales will not frighten even the youngest reader. Cousins writes of her book, “It’s brilliant to be able to pass on these stories like this, with all their drama, excitement, and comedy. They are such fun and they touch such deep emotions. My paintbrushes were practically dancing on the paper.” A great read aloud for ages 2 to 6. Candlewick.

ISBN-13: 9780810984240
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Harry N. Abrams, 3/2011
Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie by Julie Steinberg is written by Eleanor, a third grader who learns that her babysitter, Bibi, is moving away. Bibi has been Eleanor’s sitter her whole life, and Eleanor is crushed by the news. Eleanor writes; “I had a bad August. A very bad August. As bad as pickle juice on a cookie. As bad as a spiderweb on your leg. As bad as the black part of a banana.” This is a wonderful book about grief and recovery, loss and restoration, and most of all, friendship and love. If your child is dealing with bad news, or with the loss of a friend or relative, this book is an engaging conversation starter. I recommend this book, as a read aloud or a read alone, for ages 4 to 10. Amulet

Grounded (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 9780312570392
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 days
Published: Feiwel & Friends, 11/2010
Grounded by Kate Klise is an extraordinary book about family, death, grief, and the healing power of love. Twelve-year-old Daralynn is at home with her mother, grounded, when her father, brother and sister die in a plane crash. After that, everything changes. Her mother, angry and grieving, becomes the hairstylist at the local funeral home in order to make ends meet, but the arrival of a stranger named Clem, who wants to start a crematorium, threatens the funeral home’s existence as well as her mother’s job. Daralynn comes up with an idea to put the “fun” back into funeral, and the funeral home starts to offer living funerals where the honoree can participate and hear all the nice things that her friends say. Clem fires back by offering living funerals as well, and when she realizes that Clem is courting her Aunt Josie, Daralynn decides to do some research to find out whether he is a nice as he appears to be. Daralynn starts to unravel some of the mystery surrounding Clem, but no one listens to her when she tries to warn about him. In fact, no one is listening to her at all—especially her mother, who has turned inward in her grief. When Daralynn asks Josie whether her mother will be like that forever, she replies that her mother needs someone to keep her grounded—not grounded as in punishment, but “grounded like a tree.” Will Dara solve the mystery surrounding Clem? Will Dara’s mom be able to reach out and reconnect with Dara? Read this book and you will find the answers to these questions while you visit Digginsville, Missouri, population 402, and meet its quirky residents. I highly recommend this book for readers aged 9 to 12. Feiwel and Friends.

ISBN-13: 9780061962783
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 days
Published: HarperCollins, 3/2011
Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai. Ten-hear old Ha and her family flee Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War and wind up in Alabama, where no one looks or talks like her. On her first day of school, she realizes that, “I’m the only/straight black hair/on olive skin.” Ha is teased for her accent and poor English, her Buddhist family is isolated and scorned, and she is bullied because she looks different from the other children in her class. At one point, Ha writes, “No one would believe me/but at times/ I would choose/ wartime in Saigon/ over/ peacetime in Alabama.” On the other hand, she experiences great kindness from others—including a neighbor whose son was killed in Vietnam. This book, written entirely in free verse, is the most beautifully written book about the immigrant experience that I have ever read. Lai asks, “How much do we know about those around us?” This book is a must for middle school children who are exploring their own identities as well as those around them. In her author’s note, Lai concludes, “I . . . hope after you finish this book that you sit close to someone you love and implore that person to tell and tell and tell their story.” It is in hearing these stories that we realize we are more alike than we are different, and that we learn to love our neighbors as ourselves. I highly recommend this book for middle school students, age 9 to 12 (and for their parents as well!) Harpercollins

The Running Dream (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 9780375866678
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 days
Published: Knopf Books for Young Readers, 1/2011
The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen is a beautifully written book about a 16 year old runner who loses a leg when the school bus carrying the team home from a successful meet is hit by an uninsured motorist. The book begins 3 days after the accident. Jessica, who is just beginning to understand what has happened to her, begins the book with her statement, “My life is over.” The reader journeys with Jessica over the next year, as her family struggles with the neverending medical bills and the resulting lawsuits, Jessica learns how to walk again on her prosthetic leg and worries about whether she will ever be fully accepted by her classmates, and her coach challenges her team to raise money for a prosthetic that would enable Jessica to run again. Because of Jessica’s spirit, and the love and support of those around her, Jessica is able to achieve her running dream, and to help a new found friend accomplish hers as well. As noted by Booklist, Van Draanen’s extensive research into both running and amputees pays dividends—readers will truly feel what it’s like to walk (or run) a mile (or 10) in Jessica’s shoes. This is a great book for any young adult who loves a good sports novel or who may be coping with a disability. Ages 12+. Alfred A. Knopf

ISBN-13: 9780399254123
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 days
Published: Philomel, 3/2011
It is easy to see why Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys, first published in March 2011, is already on the New York Times bestseller list. Although the book is marketed for young adults, I highly recommend it for everyone over 11 years old. It tells the little known story of the Soviet occupation of the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Shortly after the occupation in 1939, the Kremlin prepared lists of doctors, lawyers, educators, artists, and other intellectuals who were considered anti-Soviet, charged them with crimes, and banished them and their families to Siberia. Families were herded onto cattle cars and forced to work under conditions that were clearly intended to end with their deaths.

Between Shades of Gray, narrated by 16-year old Lina, tells the story of her family. First her father, a college professor, disappears. Later, the Soviet Secret police knocks on the door of her family’s home in the middle of the night, and a tall officer tells Lina’s mother that they have 20 minutes to pack, or they won’t live to see morning. The officer throws his burning cigarette onto their living room floor, grinding it into the wood with this boot. The chapter ends, “We were about to become cigarettes.” Like The Book Thief by Martin Zusak, this Young Adult book deals with topics that are disturbing, but it is a book that we should all read. It forces us to examine the darkest aspects of human behavior, but it also reveals the beauty and the amazing resiliency of the human spirit. I started reading Between Shades of Gray on Friday night, and I didn’t put the book down until I finished on Sunday morning. This is a must-read book for ages 12+. Philomel Books.


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